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    Provide Spot Liquidity

    Providing liquidity on stablecoin pairs is one of the best ways to generate yield in decentralized finance today. The key thing to note about providing (SPOT, stablecoin) pair liquidity on AMM platforms is that SPOT has mean-reverting price volatility. See About Providing SPOT Liquidity to learn about the unique benefits of providing liquidity for SPOT.

     How to Provide SPOT Liquidity

    To stake SPOT you will need to:

    1. Purchase SPOT
    2. Purchase a corresponding amount of USDC on any exchange
    3. Add (SPOT, USDC) liquidity to the managed Arakis vault

     Alternative Option

    Users can also stake by directly depositing into the Uniswap V3 pool in place of step 3 above, but will have to manage the position manually in this case.