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    Get Ampl

    AMPL is the underlying unit of account and collateral asset used in the SPOT protocol. Holders of AMPL gain exposure to long-term growth of the SPOT network. See the documentation to learn more about the SPOT's collateral set and protocol.

     How to Get AMPL

    AMPL can be purchased on the following exchanges:

    1. Uniswap V2
    2. KuCoin
    3. Bitfinex
    4. Coinbase (Wrapped AMPL)

    AMPL Contract Address:

    • 0xd46ba6d942050d489dbd938a2c909a5d5039a161

     Wrapped AMPL

    Holding Wrapped AMPL (wAMPL) is equivalent to holding raw AMPL in terms of exposure to network growth. However only raw AMPL can be used for administrative actions like tranching, redeeming, minting, and rotating. Users can unwrap and re-wrap at:

    Wrapped AMPL (wAMPL) Contract Address:

    • 0xEDB171C18cE90B633DB442f2A6F72874093b49Ef