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    The first durable decentralized flatcoin

    describe $spot

    Today's decentralized stablecoins rely on liquidation markets to secure value. This makes them vulnerable to cascading liquidations and difficult to scale.

    The SPOT token is a CPI-tracking stable asset. It is created by reorganizing the volatility of its collateral asset (AMPL) into two derivative assets:

    • SPOT — is a low volatility derivative of AMPL that can be used as a flatcoin
    • stAMPL — is a high volatility derivative of AMPL

    Holding SPOT and stAMPL together (in the minting ratio) is like holding AMPL because volatility is conserved in the system. This is a significantly better way of creating stable decentralized assets.

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    AMPL is the underlying collateral asset used in the SPOT protocol. Any holder of AMPL benefits from SPOT's network growth. Stakers additionally earn rewards and help secure SPOT as a store of value by depositing their AMPL in the rotation vault. Holding staked AMPL is similar to holding AMPL with magnified volatility.

    AMPL: 0xd46ba6d942050d489dbd938a2c909a5d5039a161

    Get | Stake SPOT

    SPOT is an inflation-resistant stable asset. Holders of SPOT benefit from durable long-term stability. Any SPOT holder can pair it with USDC to generate volume-based fees without impermanent loss by staking on Uniswap.

    SPOT: 0xc1f33e0cf7e40a67375007104b929e49a581bafe

    describe $spot --benefits

    Key Benefits of the SPOT Protocol

    • Decentralized

      SPOT does not rely on any centralized collateral. This means assets cannot be forcibly seized or frozen by administrators of the system.

    • No Pegs

      Both SPOT and stAMPL are floating price tokens that represent claims on collateral. Just as UNI-V2 LP tokens can occupy any price without breaking, so can SPOT and stAMPL.

    • Proportional Redemption

      Both SPOT and stAMPL are simple proportionally redeemable claims on baskets of collateral. Just as UNI-V2 pools can unwind to an empty set without triggering bank-runs or cascading-liquidations, so can SPOT and stAMPL.

    • Tracks CPI

      Each SPOT is redeemable for approximately 1 2019 USD worth of value and the token can be held as a refuge from long-term inflation. This is because SPOT is a freely redeemable claim on AMPL which targets the CPI-adjusted dollar.

    • Scalable

      SPOT adoption translates into demand for AMPL allowing the system to scale. This is unlike liquidation market based systems which rely on continuous demand for leverage on collateral to scale (ie: demand for DAI does not translate into demand for ETH).

    • Durable

      SPOT's collateral is tranched in a manner that progressively degrades into its base-asset (AMPL) under stress rather than triggering bank-runs or cascading liquidations. In times of turmoil the system bends safely rather than breaking, by becoming temporarily more volatile.

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