is a decentralized flatcoin that uses tranching instead of liquidation markets to provide stability that scales.

    describe $spot

    Today's decentralized stablecoins rely on liquidation markets to secure stable value. This makes them vulnerable to cascading liquidations and difficult to scale.

    The SPOT token is a CPI-tracking stable asset that uses zero-liquidation tranching to provide stability. It is designed to:

    1. Scale up and down with demand
    2. Bend rather than break in extreme market conditions

    SPOT can be held directly as a refuge from inflation, used as a peer-to-peer digital cash, or held as alternative collateral to USDC within reserves.

      Earn rewards while securing SPOT

    AMPL is the underlying collateral asset used in the SPOT protocol and staking AMPL is a public good for the SPOT ecosystem. Any holder of AMPL benefits from SPOT's network growth. Stakers can earn additional rewards and help secure SPOT as a store of value by depositing their AMPL in the rotation vault.

      Become a Spotter

    SPOT is an inflation-resistant stable asset. Holders of SPOT benefit from durable long-term stability. Staking SPOT in liquidity pools a public good for the SPOT ecosystem. Any SPOT holder can pair it with USDC to generate volume-based fees without impermanent loss by staking on Uniswap.

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    We'd love to meet you. Members of the community can help answer questions you have about the SPOT protocol and staking programs..